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1 King West
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1 King West

1 King West

This 51-storey condominium building on one of the most centrally located corners in the city, takes cues from 19th-century apartment hotels. Buy a condo here and you’ll have access to everything you would in a luxury hotel, including a lavish Residents Lounge that offers no less than complimentary breakfasts, beverages and light snacks at all hours. Living here you’ll also enjoy a gym, sauna, whirlpool, swimming tank and access to a roof garden. The lavish amenities aren’t the only historic feature of this condo building. Its first 12 stories are made from Toronto’s landmark Dominion Bank, dating back to 1912. And with direct access to the underground path system that links the buildings in the downtown financial centre, it’s the ideal location for aspiring CEO or established tycoons alike. Want to live in a building like this? Contact us today!
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