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Casa Loma
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Casa Loma

Yes, there´s a castle here - and it casts a meretricious shadow over everything the area otherwise has to offer, but we´re not going to dwell on this one overpowering aspect of what is arguably one of Toronto´s coolest areas (thank you, Scott Pilgrim). In fact, its the other homes on Austin Terrace and its surrounding streets that are the exceptional ones - not the castle itself - with Edwardian, Tudor, Georgian and English Cottage all represented in equal measure. Like its sister South Hill, many of these homes back onto the forested Nordheimer Ravine. There´s a decent mix of luxury townhomes and condominiums to choose from as well, but these are the exception to the pristine landscaping and meticulously renovated homes of Casa Loma´s norm. Being nestled on the brow of Avenue Road, much of the neighbourhood offers visitors and residents some truly spectacular vistas of the City below - but if that doesn´t keep them entertained, there´s plenty of local flavour to sample, from theatrical diversion to culinary indulgence. Casa Loma might be out of reach for some homeowners, but for most its certainly worth the climb. Oh, and there´s a castle up there somewhere. Want to live in an area like this? Contact us today!
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