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Front, Spadina, Navy Wharf

These towers are part of the ambitious condominium development located at the corner of Front and Spadina, widely known as Cityplace. The towers, which one day will stretch right across the downtown Toronto’s western skyline, host a wide variety of suites. The Matrix towers, with their oval shape and tinted glass, have become a landmark condominium on the Front Street skyline, and offer views of Lake Ontario and the Rogers Centre. The condo complexes share the completely stacked “Club Vista,„ which includes a landscaped water garden, fitness centre, lounge, movie room, billiards, outdoor terrace, business centre, spa, steam rooms, 80’ indoor pool, basketball half court, reflecting pond, 2 guest suites and a 24-hour concierge. With so much activity, and so many young people buying real estate here, there’s always a mix and mingle vibe in the air, so be sure to do a quick hair check before leaving your suite. Want to live in a building like this? Contact us today!
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If an area of Toronto could be called the life of the party, that area would be the Fashion and Entertainment district.

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