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Claremont Hall
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Claremont Hall

34 Claremont Street

This street is known for its chic loft conversions, perhaps because it’s also home to one of the first luxury loft properties in downtown Toronto. What was once a hall extended off an old church, now houses 13 gorgeous residential suites. Expect to find all the marks of a loft conversion- glass block, maple floors, slate finishes. Each suite has a new fireplace, a deck or terrace, and access to a dedicated parking space. Its beginnings as an old hall have also allowed ceiling height in this building to reach 8 to 14 generous feet and ensured that each suite on this property is almost entirely soundproof thanks to 8 inch thick masonry walls. And well, we don’t have to spell out the benefits of soundproofing, do we? Want to live in a building like this? Contact us today!
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An off-shoot of the Queen West district, this Toronto neighbourhood lays claim to what is perhaps the most see-and-be-seen dog parks in the city.

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