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Always in search of the next big thing? Go to Corktown, my friend. Here you’ll find quaint cottages and old Victorians just waiting to be purchased by someone with a design savvy touch, not to mention the abundance of converted old warehouses perfect for live/work loft space. As one of the few areas near to Toronto’s downtown commercial centre that hasn’t been completely overhauled, plenty of reasonably priced real estate choices remain for those who can see cool glass and granite where crumbling brick now stands. And with a little poking around, even those who don’t have the renovation bug will find real estate they like. With its trendy shops and coffee stops rivalling those found in neighboring hoods, given the affordable price of property here and the redevelopment nearby, it only makes sense that those residents are shaking their Lululemon-clad butts over to Corktown in droves. Want to live in an area like this? Contact us today!
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