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Deer Park
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Deer Park

As the local saying goes, "there´s more to Yonge and St. Clair than Yonge and St. Clair", and though severely lacking in actual deer, Deer Park epitomizes that sentiment in both word and deed. The Park is different than many of the other upscale midtown neighbourhoods in that its best homes aren´t isolated on the fringe or clumped in the centre. Many of the original turn-of-the-century homes remain and there are plenty of styles to choose from. While nearby Yorkville might be best known for having the largest selection of luxury condominiums in the City, Deer Park does have its share. Most balconies with picturesque (though deer-less) park and ravine views, and come loaded with the kinds of amenities you´d find in a five-star resort. While those few apartment dwellers certainly have it good the neighbourhood´s public amenities are nothing to sneeze at either - there´s plenty of local fare, from haute-cuisine to more universal tastes, tons of shopping to be had, as well as a lively community spirit. This has made Deer Park’s denizens the unofficial ambassadors of Midtown, since the area also serves as a neutral ground for neighbouring Rosedale, Moore Park and Forest Hill residents to meet, mingle and share common bonds. Deer Park – bringing people together since 1908. Want to live in an area like this? Contact us today!
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