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Forest Hill
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Forest Hill

Don’t let the front lawn dumpsters fool you, this really is one of the City’s most affluent areas rivalled only by Rosedale and the Bridal Path. In fact massive renovations are not an uncommon sight in Forest Hill along with the occasional teardown. But those few who would dare start from scratch in this well-established community are usually bent on erecting something even more opulent. Though it was once the law that each home have a tree planted in front, the Forest has long since been replaced with luxury homes of every flavour, from Tudors to Georgians, French Colonial to French Provincial, gated English manors to über-modern compounds. Despite its stuffy, some say pretentious level of prestige, Forest Hill is not without its indie side. In fact The Village or "The Vill" as it’s commonly known is a haven for the area´s younger less inhibited inhabitants; full of swanky shops, fashion houses and bistros. Two of the country’s most prestigious private schools have tenure here as well: UCC for boys, BSS for girls. It’s no wonder Toronto’s social and economic aristocracy (you know who you are) have become associated with Forest Hill. It’s where Canada’s movers and shakers, poised for world domination, bring their kids to learn and grow. If you have the capital required to call this area home and perhaps begin your own elaborate reno, there’s nothing stopping you from doing exactly the same. Cue diabolical laughter. Want to live in an area like this? Contact us today!
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