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The recent "go west" movement has left its mark on many well-established neighbourhoods, but there on the horizon, perched just at the edge of the Davenport escarpment is a neighbourhood that hasn´t lost its quiet residential vibe. Emerging reasonably unscathed from the trend, Hillcrest (aka Bracondale Hill) stretches above Davenport Road and below St. Clair West. It is home to a large portion of sizeable, mostly early-20th century single family homes, the Hillcrest Community Centre which boasts an indoor pool and gym, and Hillcrest Park along the south perimeter which offers some stellar views of the City below. Notables here include Artscape´s Wychwood Barns, the community´s 60,000 square-foot cultural Swiss Army knife, (it´s a park / artist´s residence / music venue / greenhouse / farmer´s market / office space) and Wychwood Park, a tiny emerald nook nestled on the eastern fringe of Hillcrest proper. This formerly gated community is a collection of truly unique homes built on irregular lots situated around its very own Secret Garden, park and pond included. At a glance the whole thing looks like it was written down by an English playwright and brushed to life by a 19th century landscape painter. As any painter will tell you, life often imitates art - and in this case, that´s exactly what happened. Want to live in an area like this? Contact us today!
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