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Parkdale began life as a wealthy suburb of Toronto in 1879 and the abundance of elegant Victorian mansions are a constant reminder of its heritage. Today, you can see that Parkdale has undergone a renaissance - a rebirth as a unique and vibrant west end neighbourhood. The picturesque streetscapes are a constantly evolving mosaic of restored historic buildings, community gardens, renovated storefronts and clean, contemporary design. Even those who cherish Parkdale’s rich heritage can’t deny the influx of chic that’s happening. If you have a taste for the slightly offbeat, the area hosts some of the City’s best bistros and restaurants. Those seeking something a little cooler than a pre-fab condo will find one of a kind lofts and original reno’s of some truly magnificent older homes. There’s a lot to be found in this rapidly changing part of Toronto. Whether you want to embrace the avant-garde, or join the growing ranks of urban professionals and families living here, you should definitely consider buying a home in Parkdale. Want to live in an area like this? Contact us today!
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