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Seaton Village
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Seaton Village

It´s time to embrace a new definition of Residence. Sometimes unjustly billed as The West Annex, Seaton Village’s leafy shaded streets beckon to the family-minded. And while architecturally similar to its trendier and somewhat less-inhibited namesake, the homes here are primarily semi-detached single family homes, a little bit smaller, and lot more affordable. Vermont Square Park in the area´s northeast corner is a hub of ankle-biter activity year-round, complete with playground, wading pool, hockey arena and a boys/girls club. Seaton Village has a more toned-down version of its neighbour’s artsy character, and it´s still close enough to Bloor to satisfy the occasional nostalgic jaunt. Everybody loves the northern stretch of Dupont as well, with its gleaming luxury car dealerships, nifty furniture joints and coffee hovels. And if your cool compass points west, well the boho eats-and-greets of the newly gentrified (but still secretly sketchy) Ossington Avenue are right there. If all else fails, there´s nothing a quick stroll to nearby Koreatown, or the soothing twinkling lights and hands-on indie of Bloor and Bathurst, can´t cure. Real music? Sonic Boom. Real movies? Suspect Video. The City at your feet and a new home to boot. Really. Want to live in an area like this? Contact us today!
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