Selling A House Takes More Than Putting Up A Sign
Selling your home takes a specific and customized plan, designed to sell your property. It doesn’t just mean getting tons of people out to see your home, it also means getting the right people out to see your home. To do this, you need the right kind of real estate agent. Jonathan is the team's primary Seller’s Agent, who focuses predominantly on helping clients sell their homes. He’s an expert at getting the word out about your property, getting the right buyers in to see it, and at helping you get the best possible price. In this section, we’ll take you through the real estate selling process, and let you know how our team can help you get the price you want, and help you go from “For Sale” to “Sold.”

Before You Sell
What You Need to Know Before You Sell.
Buying and selling a home are about as similar activities as rugby and crochet, so you’ve got to approach them differently. What buyers and sellers have in common is that they’re in transitional stages in their lives - they need a bigger place, they’re moving to a new city, or they’re going through a lifestyle change. But that’s pretty much where the similarities end. Selling is all about getting as many of the right people exposed to your property as possible. That’s where we come in. We make sure that literally thousands of people know about your property, and make sure that when they see your property listed for sale, they think ‘Yup, this is a nice a place.’ We use all kinds of strategies to get the word out. So when you list with us you know that tons of people will not only see your listing, they’ll also want to see your property.

After You Sell
What You Need to Know After You Sell.
Sold! Congratulations. Now before you go off fantasizing about how to spend the newfound fortune earned from selling your home, you’ve got a couple things left to do.

The Word About Town
People are talking. And lucky for us, it’s not about the embarrassing things we did in high school. Get the skinny on us from the people who know the inside scoop by reading a few testimonials. Frankly, we’re still blushing.

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