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Summerhill. The name alone conjures images of a bygone age. As it happens the moniker originated from that of a palatial pre-confederation estate once owned by a Canadian Transportation baron, so it’s fitting that this area is centered around the iconic North Toronto Railway Station (now a bustling LCBO), and that it also has its own Subway Station. Also à propos are its serene and winding tree-lined streets and having turn-of-the-century homes in spades – Victorian and Edwardian styles to chose from, both semi and fully-detached, as well as an abundance of more modern townhomes and condominiums. Some owners here have traded in parking for century-home charm, a mere footnote when weighed against the area’s many amenities and its proximity to Yonge (the north-south pulse of the working elite). With Yorkville’s boutiques so close it’s a miracle any shops can stay open at all, but three cheers for convenience! You can take a dozen steps to a dozen more local retailers and restaurants, nearly all of them buzz-worthy. For those who prefer nature’s canopy to a shop’s awning, Rosehill Reservoir Park is here as well as the Vale of Avoca Ravine, both full of trails, parks, playgrounds and assorted greenery. For those of you who haven’t stopped reading to pack, Summerhill’s housing prices aren’t exactly suited for every budget. But with such a low turnover and high demand, values for homeowners here are only going in one direction. Want to live in an area like this? Contact us today!
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