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The Soho Met
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The Soho Met

350 Wellington Street West

Here you’ll get all the perks of a luxury condominium, but with the option of popping down for a traditional hotel buffet brunch. This kind of living is par for the course when you live in one of the 200 condos on top of downtown Toronto’s Soho Metropolitan Hotel. The Soho is a boutique hotel housing Senses, one of the city’s best restaurants, a 24-hour concierge, valet parking, indoor pool and fitness areas, spa services, chauffeur and just about anything else you would imagine to find in a 4-star hotel. Of course some of these extras come at an extra cost, but the hotel experience wouldn’t be the same if you couldn’t say the phrase “Just charge it to my room.„ Want to live in a building like this? Contact us today!
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If an area of Toronto could be called the life of the party, that area would be the Fashion and Entertainment district.

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