You've got a new home! Aside from celebrating, calling all your friends, and choosing the colour palette for your new place, there are a few things you'll need to do in the coming weeks or months.

1. visit your new home
Your Buyer Agent has probably helped you get a couple of access visits before the property closes. These visits let you take friends and family through, measure (you’d hate to get the wrong sized TV), plan your move, and gets us in a couple days before closing to make sure the condition of the property hasn’t changed.

2. moving day
There are some advantages to using professional movers. First, you won’t owe your friends a huge favor, and second, good professionals will do a professional job. But not all movers are created equal. Some get the job done with a great deal of care, and others just get the job done. One more thing. If you’re moving into a condominium, you need to book the elevator. Neither your friends, nor a professional company will stick it out if they’re hauling your stuff up 17 flights of stairs.

3. change your address, change you utilities
In order to send out invites to your housewarming party, you’ll have to change your address online through Canada Post. You also want to transfer the utilities over to your name at the new house, and make sure they’re paid up to the point of closing.

4. sign the mortgage papers
You’ll need to meet with your mortgage broker one last time to sign off on the mortgage you selected together. Make sure your broker walks you through the whole agreement and that the terms are just as you expected.

5. meet with your lawyer
Your lawyer will need you to sign a few things to transfer the property over to you. A few days before closing you need to make it official. You give your lawyer a cheque for the purchase price, minus the deposit and the mortgage amount, plus the land transfer tax and any adjustments. Adjustments can be things like property taxes or condo fees. On occasion, the seller has paid the fees or taxes beyond closing, and is owed some money from you, the buyer.
And as with all things in life, there are taxes and in this case, Land Transfer Taxes. But not to worry, this whole tax thing will be clearly explained by your lawyer.

6. closing day
Once everything has cleared - the title has been transferred, the funds have gone through - the keys are delivered to your lawyer. This usually happens in the afternoon, but the seller legally has until 6:00PM to vacate the property. Next you go see your lawyer to finalize the paperwork and pick up the keys. We love this part and so will you. Just try to stop smiling, it’s pretty hard.


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