Giulia Gallina

Giulia Gallina

Some agents claim to have Real Estate in their blood, but for Giulia Gallina this is more than simple bravado - it is a fact. Giulia is third-generation Realtor with over ten years experience in the business, and takes great pride in being always on-call to her clients (her personal mantra). Shes also spent many years living and working in the heart of Downtown, giving her an almost sixth-sense of what is hip, and adding to her already-intimate knowledge of the City and the real estate market. Being born and raised in Toronto has its perks, and with her passion for the industry Giulia has learned everything there is to know about the many and varied kinds of residential properties found in Central Toronto - from houses and townhomes, to condos and lofts, to new construction and resale.

Dividing her time between being an outdoorsy social butterfly and a sharp, savvy Realtor, Giulia has become the master of balancing her fun, energetic and easy-going personality with a finely-tuned, driven focus and unyielding determination that gets the job done. Perfectly complimenting the value she brings to our clients is her extensive fashion and design background. All this expertise, plus the comfort of knowing that wherever you settle in the City, Giulia will know the best places to shop, nosh or just hang out - what more could our Buyers ask for

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